Kettler Gardens designs organic gardens and landscapes for fine residential, commercial, and estate properties. Kettler Gardens is a small boutique landscaping company whose work is all custom-designed and hand-crafted.

After discussing your needs and making an agreement, we will provide sketches of landscape designs for your property. The property will have to be assessed with respect to light and shade conditions, and the quality of the soil, before making plant selections.

Once agreement is made regarding the design, Kettler Gardens can assist in acquiring the plants and other materials necessary to implement the design. Working with partner landscapers, we will can help implement planting and maintenance plans can be worked out on an as needed basis.

He can also create habitats for birds with bird feeders, bird houses, and bird baths, and knows what kinds of flowers, trees, and shrubs are favored by birds.

Here are a few things Kettler Gardens does not do:

Garden Demolition
Tree trimming or removal
Hauling of plant debris
Soil Preparation
Heavy labor
Grass cutting
Leaf raking
Heavy duty hardscape installation (sidewalks, retaining walls, etc)
Masonry work such as bricklaying
Pond or fountain installation
Landscape lighting

Just to clarify, we are a landscape design company only. We are not a "landscaping company" (we don't drive a pickup truck) who does all kinds of landscaping work, possibly including design. They are the people who would prepare the site and actually plant the garden on your property that we have designed.


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