April 2022
Welcome to Kettler Gardens,
a small company operated by Alan Clifford Kettler of Cumberland Maryland. The company specializes in 100% organic, natural gardens that are totally safe for pets, people, wildlife, and the environment as a whole. The company offers design services for landscapes and gardens at fine residential, commercial, and large estate properties.

With over thirty years of experience working in southwestern Pennsylvania and several years working in New England, Mr. Kettler has had the opportunity to create landscapes and study the growing habits of hundreds of plants. This practice has given him the knowledge to know what plants are both hardy and beautiful, so that his gardens can thrive as living works of art to enhance and enrich the places where people live and work.

He specializes in gardening with hardy native perennial plants that naturally have resistance to drought and disease, so that they require less maintenance than many other types of gardens that use exotic plants from other countries. The native perennials, including wildflowers and ferns, are like colorful paintings brushed across a landscape. Mr.Kettler also adds a mix of container plantings, annuals, and a few exotic plants to his landscapes to make them even more lush and inviting.

His style of gardening is always natural and organic looking, rather than formal. With a background in both botany and art, he can design gardens according to the client's personal sensibilities - serene, green, and subtle- or bursting with all the colors of the rainbow. He loves color and the excitement it can create in a landscaped environment.

For inquiries or to schedule an initial consultation regarding your landscaping needs contact Alan Clifford Kettler by email at alan@kettlergreen.com or by telephone at 412-877-3546.

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